Monday, February 10, 2014

Twitter Weekend on Spreecast - How To Use Twitter Effectively for Brand Building - Part 3

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In the first and second part, I talked about how to create your Twitter handle user name, what to use and MOST IMPORTANTLY what NOT to use as your Twitter handle or user name.  We also discussed choosing your user name is so important and I shared some tips about how to relate your user name with what you do or your business.

Then I talked about how and what you should write on the Bio spot of your Twitter Profile and how you should make your bio precise yet of right size to also accommodate your landing page URL.

Then I talked about how to choose your profile picture and what NOT to use as your profile picture such as LUSCIOUS RED LIPS or a shot of your eyeball or crazy stuff like that.  Also, you can use your brand as a background of your profile picture.

Then I talked about why it's a great idea to put your location on your Twitter profile because it increases your Twitter profile's chances to show up in searches.

I also talked about how to be precise in the stipulated 140 characters per tweet and send your message across to your visitors.

Then I talked about automatic tweets and manual tweets and which one is better or works well for your business.

Then I talked about what it is that you should be tweeting about and how to find out if people are engaging with you on Twitter.

Finally, I talked about what is Hashtag Chat or Tweet Chat and how you can use Tweet Chat as a brand building tool.
  • Today, the first thing that I am going to touch upon is followers and how that works.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to followers is that is not some kind of competition where you need to have the most followers in the world.  You would rather have 200 people that are going to listen to everything that you say and subscribe to your offer or buy your stuff than 200,000 people who aren’t even going to give a care to what you say.

A great way to grow your follower list is to just engage people in whatever it is that you do.  You can engage them in your conversations, get them to know who you are, get them to become related to you and what you are doing.  You should also feel free to add people if you think they are relevant.  Remember, if someone doesn’t respond, it’s not the end of the world but if someone’s not engaging with you, then there is no need to have them on your list.  I would suggest you de-list those followers that are not engaging with you the way you would like them to engage with you.

Remember, it’s always good to have Quality rather than Quantity.  The quality of your followers and the quality of their engagement with you what matters most, NOT how many followers you have.

Also, DO NOT keep asking people to follow you.  This is something that I would advise against strongly.
  • Next thing I want to talk about is Twitter list.  What are Twitter lists?

Lists are a great way to control the clutter that comes through on Twitter.  The thing with lists is that you may have a selection of industry experts and you want to just see what they are talking about and you don’t want the rest of your followers adding some bits and pieces and adding links to that.  You just want to go and clearly see exactly what the experts are following.  Let’s say you are in the area of personal development, for instance, and you might want to have people like Anthony Robbins in the list because you want to see what sort of content they are delivering through their Twitter stream.  You can do that by logging into a list or you can just add them into a list and the process of doing that is very simple – just clicking your list would fill list with those people in it – and then you are going to get in a Twitter stream like a normal Twitter stream, except that it’s only those people’s tweets that are coming through.  So, it’s a great way to concentrate on who it is that you want to concentrate on.

There are companies that do this with their customers.  They find the Tweeter names and they will put the customers into the list and their social engagement sector or whatever they call that part of the business can just look through their customers’ tweets and keep an eye on their customers’ tweets and say “Hey, thanks for…” and just respond to and add value to their customers and that way they have interaction with their customers at all times.

You can create your own list and you may make one that’s exactly your customers, maybe your mentors, maybe industry news and then add different people to each of those lists. 

You can also subscribe to other people’s lists or join them.  If the list is public, then you can go and find them and also join that list.  So, remember, you can set your list to public and that way, you can have people subscribing to your list as well which opens up another avenue of conversation.
  • To wrap up the final part of the Twitter Weekend episode, I am going to touch upon a tool that I like to use and it’s

It’s a great place to search your industry.  That’s the advance Twitter search tool and it allows you to keep a watch on the competition.  You can put in tweets that are going to a certain person.  So, let’s say a competition’s Twitter handle is @MyCompetiton.  So, you can put in @MyCompetition and on the tweets that are going to that person, you can see all of their mentions and happenings and that way you can keep a watch on them.  You can find out tweets that are coming from that person and find out all the tweets about that person as well.  So, it’s a really cool way to keep an eye on what’s going on in your niche and with your competition.

I will talk more about creating QUALITY Twitter followers, Twitter Lists and also the advanced search option on Twitter that is on my podcast at in the coming episodes.  These are some awesome tools that you can use when it comes to creating awareness for your brand.

And that brings us to the end of the Twitter Weekend episode.  Please let me know if this episode has been helpful to you and any other comments or suggestions you have in the comments section of this Spreecast.

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