Saturday, February 8, 2014

Twitter Weekend on Spreecast - How To Use Twitter Effectively for Brand Building - Part 1

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As promised, I am here with the first part of the 3-part Twitter Weekend Spreecast - How To Use Twitter Effectively for Brand Building.

 Twitter Weekend Part 1

  • Pointers for Day 1 of the 3-day Twitter Weekend

First up, Twitter is NOT a waste of time.  It is in fact a very valuable tool to create awareness for your brand.

Twitter is actually an amazing resource for a quick market research to look for new clients and also to engage with your existing clients.

Twitter is a great place for you to find what’s happening in your industry, what’s happening in your niche, who are the people, what are your customers doing, what are your competitors doing and that sort of thing.

Twitter is about making new connection to sharing information and riding the information curve.

 Rajat Dutta on Twitter

  • So, let’s start at the beginning – how do you set up your profile on Twitter?  How to create your Twitter handle user name?

Create a user name that’s relevant to your business or what you do or your name.  That is more helpful people to find your business on Twitter.  For example, BBC has twitter handles @BBCNews and @BBCWorld and @BBCBreaking.  The name BBC is reflected on the twitter handle.  Similarly, I have created a mix of my name and my agency name.  As you know, my name is Rajat and my Agency name is QuicCONSULT.  So, my Twitter handle or user name is @RajQuic.

Also, Twitter username actually shows up in the URL of your Twitter account.  For example, my Twitter URL is  So, it is imperative that you choose a user name that works with you and your industry.

One more thing – and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – is that when you search your name on Google, there is maximum possibility and sometimes 100% possibility that your Twitter URL will show up on the first page of that Google search and since your Twitter URL shows up on the first page of Google, people actually know what you do and what your business is.

 Rajat Dutta on Twitter
  • How and what should you write on the Bio spot of your Twitter Profile page?

Remember, you only get 160 characters to write your bio on your Twitter profile page.  So, make sure within that 160 character spot you let people know exactly what it is that you do.

For example, in my bio section you will find these words – “Content Consultant | Internet Marketer | Blogger | Voice Over | Father to an angel...”  It clearly says I am an internet marketer, a blogger and a voice over and of course the angel is my little girl Evelyn…

Also, stick your URL on your bio section.  Make sure it’s not a shortened URL from one of those URL shorteners because this looks suspicious and visitors to your Twitter profile are LESS LIKELY to click on a suspicious link.  So, stick the URL of your website or your landing page or your blog IN FULL.  So, make sure the part of your bio other than the URL is short enough so that both the bio and the URL can accommodate at least 160 characters.  If you don’t have a website, then it could be a Facebook account, it could be your YouTube account, it could be your LinkedIn profile.  Send them somewhere so that they can get more information as they can’t get enough of you from Twitter.

 Rajat Dutta on Twitter

  • Now, about the profile picture – What should be your profile picture?

Use a NORMAL picture.  DO NOT use an eye shot or luscious lips or all those ridiculous stock photos that you can download for free.  Use YOUR OWN photo that can be presented to a recruitment agent or a hiring manager at a corporation.

Also, if you represent your brand or you are looking to build an image of your brand, you can use tailored background as well.  You can stick your logo and some information on to the background of your profile picture as well.

 Rajat Dutta on Twitter
  • Another important pointer on your profile is your location – It’s a great idea to put your location.

If I am a social media marketer and I want to put myself on Twitter, I enter Phuket, Thailand.  This gives me a better chance to show up on search results when people in my location search for a social media coach or a marketer.

I might also put down Bangkok and Chiang Mai as places that I serve and what then happens is if someone types in “social media coach, Bangkok”, my name will come up or if they type in “social media marketer, Chiang Mai”, my name will come up.  So, that gives me a better chance of getting my name exposed as many times as I can.  You can do that too.

That’s all for today.  Since this is a 3-day Twitter Weekend, tomorrow and the day after I am going to shed some light on other important aspects of Twitter such as the tweets, what you write on tweets, what to retweet, how to set up your reTweets and many more interesting stuff like that.

You can follow me on Twitter and I am @RajQuic

If you find this post helpful and/or if you have your own inputs, please feel free to share in the comments section.

Rajat Dutta

Quic Social Media Tips

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