Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Blog Daily And Blog Like A Pro

In this video I show you an example of how to blog daily and blog like a pro without even breaking a sweat.

If you know how to speak our your thoughts and record them using smartphones or hand-held recorders or pocket-carryable recorders, you are good to go.

We have a client in Australia, a life coach, who we do a lot of content related stuff for and he does a lot of blogging and we automated his whole process.  He sends me short 2-minute recordings of his ramblings via email and what we do is we play those recordings on our audio player and generate a raw transcript before re-formatting them for further use.  We then re-format the raw transcript according to his needs.  It can be re-formatted to be sent as an e-mail or to be posted as a blog or as FAQ's or any which format you desire.

Should you need more information or would like to receive more blogger resources, please visit http://www.squeezeframes.com/0/152/152271/75478.html

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