Wednesday, January 15, 2014


In my last post I talked about KEY COMPONENTS OF A HIGH-CONVERTING LANDING PAGE and the No. 1 item on that list is VIDEO.  Let us explore how we can create videos for our landing pages.

The options that you have for a good video are, first of all, obviously yourself.  You can use a mobile phone because the quality of the picture these days is really good and getting better by the day.

But if you don’t want to be in front of the camera, then you can go and create a PowerPoint presentation and use that as a video.  In the latest Windows Office program you can save your PowerPoint as a movie file.


You can also post a picture of some keywords with some pictures of your offer or your services and you can be talking as a voiceover and save that as a movie.  A lot of really savvy internet marketers do that.

Now, if you don’t to be in front of a camera and also don't want your voice used for the video, you can visit sites like,, or where you can get a voiceover artist read over your PowerPoint and just turn it into a movie and that will do the trick just brilliantly.

Now, What should you showcase on the video?

  • Benefits of whatever it is that you are giving away.
  • Grab the visitor’s attention at the start of the video because if you don’t, then they might click off and wander away from the page.
  • At the start of video do something that really interrupts the visitor’s pattern.
  • Have a call to action in the video itself.

You can also use third-party resources like to create your video and they do a pretty outstanding job on creating videos for your landing pages.

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