Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Google Plus Image Recognition Software - How Awesome Is That!

Google+ made a couple of changes recently.  The first one pertains to images.  As you would know, if you are Google+ savvy, when you upload digital images from your system, digital images are named randomly, sometimes according to the convention available in the recording device.

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For example, if I upload a photo from my Cannon, the image may be named something like ‘DG16425' or something of that sort BUT when you upload them to somewhere else, you have to look for the actual photo to know what you are posting and in our busy schedule it becomes impossible sometimes to browse through the digital images and tag them so we know what's in them or whose picture is that.

Google+ now has created a software that recognizes certain things in photos such animals, landscape, etc.  The awesome thing about this feature is that you can now search your photos using search phrases like "Horse on the hillock" or something along those lines and the software pulls out all the images that match the description that you just searched for.  It also works with face recognition and it makes it easier to search for certain people that you might be looking for.

Rajat Dutta

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